Unanswered Prayer….by Wendy Duff Robinson

Recently I decided to do a little more research on a woman that I’ve admired for a long time.  Mother Theresa.   I picked up her book No Greater Love and the page opened to a passage about prayer.  It read…..“no prayer to God goes unanswered.”  When I read this I had to hold back a sob that immediately wanted to come out…..  This simple passage laid me bare and naked in what felt like despair in the middle of the book store.  I had to look around to make sure no one noticed.

As many of my friends and family know I have pursued personal growth and self reflection at a fevered pace.   Truly searching to empower myself to be a more gentle and kind person,  truly authentic, a great communicator and release my baggage.  Now at almost 7 years post divorce l have been doing all I can to meet my next great love…. For so many years with coaches, healers, workshops, training and always learning, growing while getting out “there” and actively dating.  I have done all I can think of….  And still my prayer hasn’t been answered.

Others around me are getting engaged, married, meeting and moving in together.  Committing to each other in some way and I’m still “left out in the cold”.  A plethora of first dates, not really knowing why or how to get to the fourth or fifth date?   Is this just an age group thing?  Is it me?  Is it them? Do I remind them of their ex?  I’ll never know and yet the WHY’s DON’T really matter.   I mean that sincerely.  I don’t feel unworthy or negative at ALL!  Currently in a phase where I feel so close, meeting amazing men, having great conversation, feeling attraction then having them disappear after meeting me for a one or two hour date.

This is about my core belief that there really is someone out there for each of us, my belief in true love for all if they want it.  This is about my faith and belief that all prayers are answered.   I’m struggling in my faith and belief and am I being heard by God, the angels, Infinite Intelligence, and also in manifestation and the universal law of attraction.   I have to say my positive attitude is being tested.  I’ve been at this for 7 years, is there anyone out there to answer my prayer and others like me?  Do you often feel powerless when you keep doing all you can do to take action towards your desires and still seem to get unanswered? 

Where is my answered prayer….. Feeling at this moment a bit powerless.  What is faith?  Believing?  Trusting?  Knowing everything is working out as it is “meant to”?  Belief in miracles and the power of God to help me when I ask?  I don’t know.

 What’s next…. Well taking a suggestion out of Mother Theresa’s playbook ….. “Get quiet in silence and listen”.  I’ve just started this after reading her book, and guess what?   I’ve got nothing yet.  Not angry or frustrated, but just…… Curious.  But at this point my attachment to this outcome is beginning to wane, as I focus on 2017 and all the promise and hope a new year brings.

Will this prayer be answered?  I don’t know.   I’ll keep you posted.  Cheers.

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