Trauma Release

Trauma occurs when events overwhelm a person’s capacity to cope with them. Since children have a more limited capacity than adults, even children who grow up in loving homes may experience some form of trauma.

Survivorship Coaching

Wendy Robinson is a Certified Professional Coach, COR.E Well-being Dynamics Specialist, and survivorship coach who helps cancer survivors and their families create greater well-being while navigating the challenges of cancer.


We begin with the Client telling the Practitioner the problem. Extensive history through a series of questions and is taken to evaluate, discover and uncover HOW you do it in your head. The Practitioner will also probe to discover the source…


The Breakthrough Session which includes MER® (Mental and Emotional Release) is alternative or complementary health care under the laws of a number of States: The person you will be working with is not licensed.

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Integrating MER® And Breakthrough to Transformation

HISTORY OF Mental and Emotional Release®

Dr. Tad James, Dr. Matt James father, originally came up with the technique during a training. This impromptu technique was the result of a student experiencing negative emotions and leaving the room. Dr. Tad James trademarked the process of releasing emotional baggage through NLP as Time Line Therapy® (aka Time Empowerment Therapy®). My teacher, Dr. Matt James has his own business, The Empowerment Partnership, he was able to use the same process, rename it, and trademark it as Mental and Emotional Release®. When you see either of these three terms: Mental and Emotional Release®Time Line Therapy®, or Time Empowerment Therapy®, they are all referring to the same process which will get very powerful results!


“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality” Earl Nightingale – 1921-1989, Radio Personality and Author



Negative Baggage from DNA

      It has been established through research that our DNA carries traumatic events from our ancestors.


    MER® allows you to revisit the root cause of your baggage or trauma. From there, your unconscious mind releases the emotion and yet keeps the learnings which there always is in any situation. Like it or not we grow out struggle, it seems to be the human experience. Releasing emotions at this root cause is like pulling a string out of a necklace, each situation to the present releases the emotion and while you may still remember the event there is no emotional charge around it.


To get the best results, you should have a Master Practitioner of MER® work with you. This is a process that we do together. I am with you every step of the way making the transition from Trauma to Transformation to the person that you were meant to be.

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Coaching unlocks your strengths and talents, giving you the momentum you seek to achieve your goals. Come to a “speed” coaching event where you’ll have an opportunity to receive three rounds of 15-minute mini-sessions. Are you stressed about your business, feeling stuck, overwhelmed or anxious, procrastinating, having communication issues, or continually having the same problems pop up? If so, coaching can help!

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