For women who are ready to break the pattern of destructive behaviors…

The End Of Limits And The Beginning Of Joy

How Many Meaningful Changes Can You Fill Your Life With In One Single Day?

Introducing The Breakthrough Session

That Unlocks The Powers of Mental Emotional Release™

It really can be remarkable.

All the changes you’ll make. All the deep and permanent inner change. All the growth, the vision, and the strength.

The anger you lose and the confidence you gain will transform you.

And because the growth you’re achieving is real, you’ll naturally and effortlessly find your way back to the kind of a life you have always known is possible.

Sound exciting?

It’s actually more than exciting, because this is very real and very achievable. My Breakthrough Session that gives you Mental Emotional Release™ is transformational.

Do not confuse the enduring work we will do with something superficial that sends you home feeling good.

You will work hard and think hard for six hours.

Because of the effort you put in, and because of my proven, practical approach, you will go home prepared to live an entirely different life than the one you’re living right now.

A Life Full Of Purpose And Opportunity

You’re feeling relieved. Guilt is melting away. So are the limiting beliefs.

Relationships become easy. Intimacy is no longer so difficult, so complicated, so stifled by doubt and suspicion.

You are on your way to becoming a Goddess.

This one-day session will redirect you, so you can start to bring a remarkable focus on what really matters.

But how much of it will stick?

Can you actually draw on what you learn over these six hours to achieve meaningful change… at the same time you’re dealing with all of life’s other demands?

And what about shattering the patterns of self-destruction that seem so difficult to tame?

Can you actually put these behind you and start to steer your life forward on a more rewarding course?

You can.

The reason why is you have finally broken free from poisonous patterns.

The Right Journey Can Only Lead In One Direction

It’s the journey that leads you back to the true you. Anything else is false, and is bound to fall apart.

Because you’re being you, your transformation is permanent.

Your achievements naturally unfold and grow because of a process that’s been proven to help people who are ready for change.

Now you may be wondering…

Does my Breakthrough Session That Unlocks The Powers of Mental Emotional Release™ work for everyone?

No. If you’re unwilling or unable to commit to change, and if the time hasn’t arrived for you to start putting the pain of the past behind, this will not be appropriate for you.

But if your time has come…

If you’ve decided enough is enough, and you’re ready to get back to living a life free from toxic negative emotions…

This will be the day you look back on as the day everything began to get back on track.

In just 12 hours you’ll discover…

  • How to keep what’s truly important in focus. Burn off the fog. Clear away all the confusion. Put the pain and the anger behind you once and for all.
  • How to really be you. No more false starts. No destructive detours. Consciously and purposefully tap into your unconscious mind to finally identify what really matters most to you… and live it every day.
  • A better way to define your goals. You have never experienced a process quite like this… for the very first time you’ll channel incredible amounts of newfound energy into creating a life of accomplishment, achievement, confidence, and meaning.
  • How to create your future on your terms. There’s a life to be lived that’s for you and you alone. Imagine it, define it, and start to live it.

Get out of the Prison that holds you back and RELEASE the Negative emotions and limiting decisions in your unconscious mind that are stopping from having the fulfillment, purpose, joy, and love you want and deserve.

Are you ready for breakthrough?

Yes, I’m Ready!

The Reasons Why My Breakthrough Process Works So Well

Exactly what is it that makes my Breakthrough Session so effective?

Nobody else approaches this quite the way I do. I embrace professional methods, exercises, and principles. I pull together what’s proven to work best and give it my own personal flavor.

Each one of these 6 different elements is designed to help you escape the damaging influences of the past.

The process involves…

  • Value Elicitation.
  • Setting Outcomes.
  • Mental Emotional Release™.
  • Anchoring New Positive Beliefs.
  • Hypnosis.
  • CHAKRA Balancing
  • SMART Goal Setting into the Unconscious Mind.
  • REIKI Session


You’ll leave the Breakthrough Session feeling confident, decisive, and refreshed.

You’ll finally realize that you are doing the right things to replenish your life with purpose and joy.

And you’ll know that the pattern of being lured back in to self-destructive behaviors has finally been broken.

Are you ready for breakthrough?

Yes, I’m Ready!

Your Time Is Now

Please do not second-guess yourself. Don’t fall prey to self-doubt.

Do not procrastinate. Do not put off your decision to experience this Breakthrough Session.

You can come up with a lot of very reasonable sounding excuses for not telling me, “Yes, Wendy… I’m in.”

You can tell yourself you’re busy, or that for some vague reason the time isn’t right.

But if you’re too busy to finally banish self-destructive behaviors from your life, what do you have time for?

And if now isn’t the time to head out on this exciting journey back to being your best possible you, when will this time come?

Why not embark on this incredibly fulfilling and rewarding journey right now?
This opportunity will not always be available.

Please do not let it slip away.

This is your time.

2 DAY BREAKTHROUGH SESSION Client Disclosure and Agreement

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