One-On-One Coaching


Welcome!!  Do LOVE Right ™ is about YOUR Journey to create the life you want to lead.  The C.V.B.Y.™  formula of coaching helps clients breakthrough in the areas that they are struggling.  This strategic one- on-one coaching helps clients to:

  • Clear the Clutter – discovering the Internal and External issues that are holding them back.
  • ELI Assessment – Get a snapshot of where you are now and how you relate to family, friends and co-workers.
  • Address limiting belies and why they hold you back.
  • Use the Three C’s Method™ to get clear on how they communicate and make conscious living choices.
  • Reframe and reinforce – Get the took-kit that develops an action plan to create consistently confident actions.
  • begin to make conscious powerful decision toward achieving goals and achieving sustainable change.

My clients are ready to take the necessary action steps to eliminate the overwhelming feeling of having the weight of the world on their shoulders.  Through focused, clarity, communication and connection, they powerfully change the direction of their life. Are you… …… overwhelmed to the point of feeling anxious ….. on a roller coaster that won’t stop ….. not able to stay calm when stress hits what I call the “Linda Blair reaction” Clients sign up for C.V.B.Y.™ coaching packages to address many of these issues and more.

  • Career – time for a change or a fresh start.  Let’s make that transition in a smooth and easy way with no painful ramifications.
  • Personal development coaching –  Begin to feel empowered to explore your core values and focus on being your authentic and organic self.  Let go of all your masks help them melt away and reveal the real you.  Know that you have the power to ignite unused resources to make effective changes in your life.

Let’s start the process by taking the “ELI Assessment” (link) for a snapshot to discover how you show up day to day. Then contact me today (link) and lets begin the process of Guiding your Journey; Enhancing your Opportunities and then…… Creating the Very Best YOU!

What you receive!!

Creating the Very Best You! (C.V.B.Y.)™

What You Get! Elite Premier Prime
Stress Analyzer Tick Tick  Tick
Customized REH Method Action Plan  Tick  Tick  Tick
Coaching Sessions 10 6 3
Unlimited Email Support 6 months 3 months 1 month
VIP Session  Tick  Tick
Access to Self-Virtual Coaching  Tick  Tick
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