Team Power Program-Six™

Team Power Program-Six™

I have created my Team Power Program-Six™ to help entrepreneurs and organizations experience the benefits of employees who are more aware, fully engaged and feel inspired, motivated and want to make a difference not just collect a paycheck.  This program includes customizing and designing leadership and training programs that generate self-sufficient employees and co-workers who learn how to not allow their talents and contributions to be abandoned when the challenge of overwhelm and stress show up. When Leaders make time to have conversations with co-workers about what matters to them, they can create cultures where people connect, feel appreciated and thrive in all areas of their lives.

With a combination of workshops, and training and one on one sessions, employees create sustainable changes in how they engage in their work and their workplace relationships .  This program empowers both the employee and those they work with to create positive and decisive change. It’s time to build a happy work force. Learn exactly what your team needs to be happy and productive. Let me help you encourage healthy, work/life balance, the results cascade throughout the company, from senior management to entry level.

Together Managers and supervisors trained by me are better able to communicate in clear, supportive ways that inspire co creation and support the communication it takes for that Team approach”.   They begin to see the challenges as an opportunity for a better work environment and learn how to transform Stress, overwhelm and procrastination into Fuel for proactive and sustainable change to become the inspired leaders you want in your organization.

This Package consists of three separate modules with the ability to add on programs as needed.  These modules can work as stand alone opportunities for employees

If this is a the program for your organization then contact me today (link) to discuss your organization’s unique challenges and together we can create customized solutions to move your organization from just functional to fully engaged having employees, executives and  playing full out for your organization and in life.…

What you receive!!

Team Power Package

What You Get! Elite Premier Prime
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Customized REH Method Action Plan Tick Tick Tick
Coaching Sessions 10 6 2
Unlimited Email Support 6 months 3 months 1 month
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