Creating The Very Best YOU!™ Retreat Weekend October 2014

Creating The Very Best YOU!™ Retreat Weekend  October 2014

Marina del Rey, California (More to come!)

[imageframe lightbox=”no” style=”bottomshadow” bordercolor=”#eeeeee” bordersize=”10px” stylecolor=”” align=”left” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″][/imageframe] I am Wendy Robinson, I am a relationship and transition Coach specializing in separation and divorce, cancer patients, couples enhancement, including same sex couples.  I inspire clients to take love to a whole new level of passion and spirit and empower people to really discover, experience and share the gift of a breakthrough loving connection.

I find that our Partner relationship affects quite honestly every part of our lives.  When there is stress in your life that can lead to no connection between you and your partner and you’re not feeling “in sync” everything suffers….. I mean everything…..Your health …. Sleep…. what’s that!  You don’t eat, there is stress… and we have all heard what stress can do to you…. migraines, physical pain and depression.  I’ve been on the anti depression pill train… have you?  Stress is energy draining.  I also find that finances suffer….. because you are distracted, it prevents you from doing your best, being at that top of your game, and can have all types of consequences leading up to actually being let go or fired!


The stressful relationship can have very real effects on your family relationships your kids, parents and siblings, your in laws, your friends …. All connections really suffer and believe me they know when you are not getting along with your partner!  It affects relationships every which way.

We all have patterns which we call limiting beliefs that we have trusted in since we were young.  These have worked and kept us safe and they don’t go away at once.  My goal is to help you step outside the patterns we have learned or that have been ingrained in us.  For example limiting beliefs… If I don’t do it then it won’t get done right or at all…. If we don’t change the patterns how do you create sustainable results?  I was criticized so I’m never good enough, smart enough.  So we play small and stay as safe as possible.  Safety is procrastination.  Safety is another word for fear.  We don’t speak up or speak our truth and NOW is the time to do that.   It’s time to contribute not just let the world pass you by.

My Journey started with my marriage at 23 years of age. I considered it a success, however, I was riding a roller coaster of emotional turmoil.  Up again, and then down…up and then down.  The pain and struggle of my divorce and it was a struggle… in fact, it was downright overwhelming, depressing and frustrating trying to go through this alone.

If you can believe it, we were relationship experts in the Catholic Church facilitating weekend retreats and teaching their program on living marriage in the church. …. We did this for 15 years.  This program perpetuated the roller coaster for us.  How we got to the “highs” was giving a weekend, feeling love and being supported.  But then when we were on our own…. Left to try to figure out how to stay “high” on our own….. we rumbled down that coaster faster each time….  Fast and furious

So here I was divorced and for the longest time I tried to be “normal”, show on the outside that I was ok!  I tried dating it just didn’t feel right…and then one day I noticed an Opportunity on a little website and found a “Life Coach” to help me “get back out and date again”…. Or so I thought!   She actually was much more than that.  She helped me through doing the inner work…. How could I date again if I didn’t like ore even know  myself?  She helped me learn who I was at this stage of my life. The books just didn’t do it for me, I needed a person who listened to me, who supported me, held me accountable and gave me some much needed direction.  I was too close to it I couldn’t see it on my own.

I was encouraged and inspired to be my “authentic self”.  This phrase helped me get clarity about me and awareness and outlook not just on dating but how I show up everyday in all my relationships.  I realized forgiveness and love was the name of the game for me.  I had been carrying around blame for years.  First I had to forgive myself and then my ex husband…. That was crystal clear and thank goodness I had someone to help me through that process.  If I did that on my own it could have taken years and years. I knew it was time to get off the victim train and as I said I didn’t’ even know I was a victim…..  I took on that roll and now I decided to get off that train because that train goes nowhere.  I had someone to help me move through it, get past it AND inspire me to help others with what I have been though.  So what I realized was that love is a choice.

That’s why I have created a Weekend Retreat called Do Love Right to help clients get the gift of a breakthrough loving connection.  My clients learn that Love is a Daily Choice and Relationships Don’t Have to Be Hard, plain and simple, to choose love.  I have since gone on and earned my coaching credential and now coach clients in my 3-step relationship Enhancement System based on Clarity, Communication and Connection….. to help clients choose love and connection.

Yes plain and simply…..Love is a choice.

And on my Weekend Retreat you will discover that inner you…. and begin to breakthrough to your authentic self!

  • Clear the Clutter – discovering the Internal and External issues that are holding you back, find out what Limiting beliefs you have.
  • Use the Three C’s Method to get clear on how they communicate and make conscious living choices.
  • Reframe and reinforce – Get the took-kit that develops an action plan to create consistently confident actions.
  • begin to make conscious powerful decision toward achieving goals and achieving sustainable change.

When I am conscious of making it daily, and I come from a place of choosing love daily, my decisions are made more easily because they come from an honest, authentic and peaceful place. I can honestly say I am at peace today and I can honestly say that I don’t’ have any resentment towards myself or my ex husband.

This transformation lead to a new Me…. Also a new job with a $15000 raise, and I was inspired to help others get through relationships that have stopped working….

Career – time for a change or a fresh start.  Let’s make that transition in a smooth and easy way with no painful ramification.

Money-Back-GuaranteePersonal development  – Begin to feel empowered to explore your core values and focus on being your authentic and organic self.  Let go of all your masks help them melt away and reveal the real you.  Know that you have the power to ignite unused resources to make effective changes in your life.

Get your Complimentary Stress Analyzer™ on this weekend which includes a 30 minute Personal Coaching Session with me!

Money back……GUARANTEE

Should you this weekend experience not be what you expected I am offering that after the First Day I will not only offer you a full refund of the $350 cost of the weekend but will offer you a 30 minute complementary  Coaching Session!  That’s how confident I am that that these two days are going to exceed your expectations!!  A $350 value and it will be life changing!

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