Creating the Very Best You (C.V.B.Y.) Breakthrough Kit

Creating the Very Best You (C.V.B.Y.) Breakthrough Kit

From Wendy Robinson, CPC, ELI-MP

Your FREE kit contains:

  • 3-Part “Creating the Very Best YOU Formula (C.V.B.Y.) Video Training Series.
  • 7 Essential C.V.B.Y. Strategies to discover the pathway to better relationships.

Relationships begin and end with people.  To have a healthy relationship, you have to be the healthiest you.  What I realized is that truly fulfilling love is not about finding the right person; it is about being the right person.

Would you like to know what prevents you from showing up in ways that nurture yourself and your most important relationships?  Discover the tools, techniques and strategies for living life with others the way it was meant to be lived.  These valuable tips are included in this special “Creating the Very Best You Breakthrough Kit” I’ve created for you.  All you need to do to receive the amazing, life-changing information is complete the form below.

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In this Breakthrough Experience, I’ll guide you through:

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  • The Clutter Clearing Technique ™ – Getting to your authentic self.- Clear the Clutter – Doing the inner work to get clarity on yourself, and begin to feel more confident so that you speak up for yourself., and do away with fear.
  • The “Refresh” Approach ™ – Hit the “refresh” button – Using the Three C’s – Clarity, communication, to get connection back. What could be improved and shifted to achieve better results
  • The Reframing Process™ – Activate your Creating the Very Best You (C.V.B.Y.) Breakthrough Tool-kit.
  • The Focus Effect™ – Focus on success.  What is your vision for your relationships.  Declare your new commitment to sustainable success.  See your results made real.
  • The Love Choice Method™ – Choosing LOVE – give it to keep it!  Sharing your love with family, friends and community.  See how your amazing new love for yourself can enhance your life and others


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