Relationship Enhancement Package

Creating The Very Best You Relationship Success Plan

Welcome!!  Total Breakthrough Connections (TM) is about YOUR Journey to create the life you want to lead not only in yourself but in you relationship!  Relationships can get stuck.  Whether you have been together for 2 years or 20 years the C.V.B.Y. formula of Relationship Enhancement coaching helps clients breakthrough in the areas that they are struggling.

This strategic one- on-one coaching helps clients to:

  • Clear the Clutter – discovering the Internal and External issues that are holding them back and address any limiting beliefs and create a Personal Vision for yourself.
  • Stress Analyzer – Get a snapshot of where you are now and how you relate to family, friends and co-workers.
  • Use the Three C’s Method to get clear on how you both communicate and make conscious living choices to help you create a Relationship Vision for your ideal life together as a couple.
  • Reframe and reinforce – Get the took-kit that develops an action plan to create consistently confident actions.  The Relationship Enhancement Tool-Kit will help with the following:
    • Ongoing communication tools
    • Prioritizing your relationship
    • Balancing work, career and fun
    • Deepening emotional and physical intimacy

Then contact me today (link) and lets begin the process of Guiding your Journey; Enhancing your Opportunities and then…… Begin to make conscious powerful decision toward achieving goals and achieving sustainable change in your Relationship….

Begin Creating your New Relationship Commitment!

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