Wendy’s Story 

My journey started with my marriage when I was when I was 23.


I was riding a relationship roller coaster. Can you relate to this?  So many highs, feeling in love, experiencing full-blown passion and excitement, and then so many lows, plunging deeper and deeper into a world of hurt. Over and over again it happened.  I couldn’t get off the roller coaster. If you’d like to learn more about my marriage roller coaster, and see how it compares with your experience.


I put my partner, my kids, and my job first, and my own passions and desires last. I was married for 26 years, and the last 5 years that’s where I was.  Stuck, lost, alone, and not knowing what to do.  Not knowing how to reach out while sleeping in the same bed every night.  Six inches away, yet a world away, wondering how to simply say, “I want more.” Feeling paralyzed, not knowing the solution, but knowing there had to be one.

This drove me to find a solution and find my way out.

  • I got off the relationship roller coaster.
  • I studied, and earned professional coaching accreditation.

Today, my experiences and my training allow me to help women and men achieve what they haven’t been able to achieve alone. It is a privilege for me to help people take action and get unstuck from unfulfilling relationships and empty lives. To watch the people move forward with newfound confidence is so rewarding.  They stop saying, “I’m fine” when they’re really not; they stop saying, “I can’t” when they really can.

What a privilege to see my clients create a kick-ass total breakthrough life. They tell me I help them reduce stress and achieve balance.  They find effective ways to open their communication.


What can you see ahead in your life?

Can you see a way forward?

Can you identify your true feelings, express them, and take action on them?

I am not the right life strategist or coach for everyone.  You and I can determine this together.  But if you think we might be a good fit, let’s find out. Start To Create Change In Your Life Right Now


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