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Stemming from a childhood of sexual abuse and secrets, my experiences with counselors, self-medicating, avoidance, and over-achieving ran the gamut. When you live shame, there’s no end to what we do to attempt not to feel it. Thankfully, I found the support to start rebuilding my self-compassion and life started to improve. Yet, when under major stress, I found myself sliding back into the quicksand of self-doubt. And then I found Wendy.

Her BTS program (coaching to prepare, the BTS, and then coaching to create sustainability for the new way of being) is loving and fiercely determined. From creating a safe, supported space as well as being so nurturing and persevering when the work got tough, Wendy saw me through to the other side. After our BTS weekend together, something old and troubled within me was definitely gone for good. The BTS removes so much of the soul-crushing garbage that shame creates within us; however, because we are left with a clean slate and a positive intention – I found that the work was the beginning rather than the end. For something to become WHO and HOW we are, we have to make it habit. Being supported by the coaching after BTS made that possible. So respect the fact that working with Wendy will make magic happen for you – and then you have to keep practicing in order to become the magic.

I am the magic,


Wendy has a unique approach to coaching by being friendly, fun, loving, laid back that created clarity on challenges that I was facing at the time. After a few sessions I felt empowered and found answers to the issues that I was facing. Anyone looking for great results would benefit from her guidance.

Noa Schecter

How has your finances/money been impacted? I’ve dramatically changed the way I manage my money since my financial melt-down in 2011. This change began before I met you, but its roots continue to deepen as we openly discuss and respect each other’s method of money management. How has your health/well-being been impacted? I greatly appreciate your insight in and input about my physical health. It was you who insisted on me seeing a doctor to rule out physical issues contributing to my recent health issue. Thank you. How has your family/relationship been impacted? You have already been there over and over again, many times when I have sometimes struggled with my ex-wife and my adult son. Your encouragement has helped provide perspective and to “cool my jets” when I needed to do so. You also help me be a better father. You encourage and remind me how important my relationship with my children is. You have given me creative ideas about things to do with them and how to show up in their lives. How has your future/potential been impacted? Besides being the best thing that has come my way in a long time, your example of contribution and “paying it forward” has inspired me to become a coach, myself. I want to help motivated people get their messages to the world. You are a woman of action. Your “Do Love Right Retreats” project is a powerful example of how one person’s message will powerfully change the world. I want to help you and others like you do the same.

Jim R.

You certainly were a beacon during my time of uncertainty. I know you will have an impact and be a positive influence on everyone fortunate enough to reach out to work with you. My well being was greatly impacted because I was able to calm the stress I was consumed with. Breathing becomes easier when the stress is alleviated.” “A relationship always reaps the benefits of less stress and clarity. My self worth was effected in a positive way which in turn brought a sense of peace to the relationship. My future and potential impact has so many more options. It is nice to know that in the future, if I lose my way, I can depend on Wendy to discuss options I may not have considered, to be a sounding board and to help you feel comfortable with your decisions.” “She is a human GPS, a Xanax with legs. A person you can depend on to help and we all need help eventually.

Donna D.

How has your finances/money been impacted? “At first, they were negatively impacted, because there was some internal turmoil when I made changes. But once we righted the ship, my finances improved, and more importantly, the morale internally was greatly improved. I cannot believe I waited so long to pull the trigger. You were the person who said just the right thing that convinced me it was time – and it was.” How has your health/well-being been impacted? My mental health and emotional health improved. Mainly the stress level at work went down a LOT. It is amazing how much lighter an office environment can be when an overdue staff change is made! And its fair to say that my expenses dropped a bit because productively increased. How has your family/relationship been impacted? The assistance you gave me was business oriented so there was no real impact on my family. Well, there was something. I told my boys (who know a lot about my business) that I had to fire someone and it was very tough to do. BUT, I told them, it had to be done. That was a business lesson for them. How has your future/potential been impacted? You asked caring and insightful questions. You had thoughts that were on point and relevant. I was SO not expecting that kind of conversation. Then, when I called you for business advice, you gave me time. I think that is the most precious thing we can give others – is our time. You listened carefully and responded in a very clean, smart way. I was (and still am) impressed and appreciative.

Nick P.

Almost immediately when Wendy assisted me…. “at a critical time and those words had a powerful impact almost immediately. It changed how I looked at my situation and I finally did see the positive aspects of my situation.”

Connie D.

Our work together…..”helped me get back into an emotional balance, which reflected in my relationships. I learned a lot about myself …..”. “You taught me skills that I continue to use when things get stressful, and now I know how to navigate through certain situations and people.”

Alexis T.

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