Transition & Mediation Support

Transition Package – Divorce and Separation

Contemplating Separation or going through Divorce don’t go it alone. Does your divorce have you stuck? You want to move forward, but don’t even know where to begin? It’s completely understandable. Divorce is a traumatic event. My Elite 6-Month Transition Program is designed for anyone who finds themselves stuck, hurt, or unsure of what to do next – without any idea of how to get past it. My program gives you the clarity, support and action plan you need to reinvent your life and create sustainable change. We will use the Stress Analyzer (see link for more information), the 10 phone or Skype sessions that are included, along with between-session email + phone support. Please see below. Change is happening to you, whether you like it not. This is the ideal coaching program for you to get the support you need to own that change and make it work for you.

What you receive!!

Transition Power Package (Separation/Divorce/Mediation support)

What You Get! Elite Premier Prime
Stress Analyzer Tick Tick Tick
Customized REH Method Action Plan Tick Tick Tick
Coaching Sessions 10 6 2
Unlimited Email Support 6 months 3 months 1 month
VIP Session Tick Tick
Access to Self-Virtual Coaching  Tick Tick
Live Mediation Support* Tick

* May be additional cost depending on sessions required.

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