Wendy Robinson, founder of Total Breakthrough Connections, is a Certified Professional Coach and Wellbeing Life Strategy Specialist, who helps clients heal the shame and guilt from emotional or physical abuse they have suffered.  Wendy makes it her focus to understand her client’s unique desires, motivators, and challenges to effectively help them set appropriate, achievable goals.

In her collaborations, through compassion and honesty, she will help to propel her clients beyond their current state of wellness.  Utilizing a non-judgmental approach, she will hold them accountable to their wellness intensions, helping them to recognize when they are straying from their planned path and to be there to help them recognize often overlooked accomplishments.  Coaching is overwhelmingly successful at helping everyday people accomplish long-sought-after goals.  She takes pride in working closely with clients to make their wellness dreams a reality. 

 Wendy has had over 18 years in corporate healthcare as a strong patient advocate in the medical field assisting with many aspects of patient healing; especially cancer patients dealing with the stress of financial issues related to their treatment.  As the former Director of Patient Financial Services at several Cancer Centers in Los Angeles, not only did Wendy assist patients, she brought leadership, coaching and mentorship to direct staff members and physicians relating to work life balance and stress.  As well as, creating and facilitating a custom-made customer service program company-wide at her most recent healthcare position.

 Having studied and earned professional coaching accreditation from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), she earned an additional accreditation from IPEC’s Master’s Program, specializing in a program designed to assist clients with their health and wellbeing.  Currently certified as a COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist, she has been hired to coach groups for cancer survivors for a pilot program “Well Beyond This.”

 Wendy is also certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology, in NLP, Mental Emotional Release, and Hypnotherapy as a Master Practitioner, where she learned to utilize an intense release process called a “Breakthrough Sessions” to assist in letting go of trauma related PTSD. 

 Wendy lives in Los Angeles, is the mother of three amazing grown children who are fulfilling their goals and dreams in locations around the world. She is deeply passionate about learning and dancing the Tango, health and fitness, hiking, as well as evolving as a coach and Reiki Master.  She enjoys being of service and looking at the “bright side of life.”

 “As self-love begins to grow. the relationships in your life begin to change.” You become the “pebble in the pond” whose ripples interact with the world around you, allowing you to thrive instead of just survive.  Having worked with a variety of clientele, helping them to achieve a greater level of mastery in their career or relationships, Wendy looks forwarding to working with you!  Let Total Breakthrough Connections help you break through and release the strong emotions and limiting beliefs that prevent them from moving forward with compassion and in a space of self-love and success.

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