Career Challenge Package

Career Challenge Package

Certified professional coach, Wendy Robinson provides consulting and facilitation services for her Principal coaching packages.

I designed this program for you; the passionate, up-beat business entrepreneur, who is ready to fully take the necessary action steps to eliminate the overwhelming feeling of having the weight of the world on your shoulders.

  • Through focused, clarity, communication and connection, you will powerfully change the direction of your business and your life.
  • The Principal Power Program-Six™ is a six-month package designed exclusively for business owners.  It creates powerful results; first in you, then in your organization (business culture begins at the top).
  • The exercises and coaching agenda has you explore your unique core values and priorities, learn techniques to generate greater awareness around what holds you back, reduce stress and find more energy to engage in life and identify your personal motivators.

It delivers high levels of accountability, strategy, coaching, mentoring and support to ensure that you make powerful decisions towards achieving your goals and take actions to become the inspired leader you are meant to be.

If you are an executive who is….

  • motivated to succeed and willing to take action (action is the key to manifestation in your life and business)
  • willing to be decisive, seek and speak your truth and claim what you want and what you want for your business.
  • Willing to commit 100% to your growth and show up fully and bring this feeling of empowerment to yourself and your organization.
  • Your are ready to make a bigger impact in the world instead of playing small
  • You have a dream that you are committed to achieving for you and your organization
  • I have created my Principal Power Program-Six to help you transform Stress, overwhelm and procrastination into fuel for proactive and sustainable change to become the inspired leader you are meant to be.

What You Will Receive In the Principal Power Program™

  • Discovery Day – Advance Your Brilliance in an exclusive day-long Executive VIP Analysis.  The day consists of me becoming the “fly on the wall” and shadowing you in your typical “day in the life of…” and it includes generous de-brief time with me, focused entirely on the results you wish to create in the rest of the program
  • Energy Index Assessment and hour de-brief .  This is a powerful tool to discover how you currently show up in leadership, a snapshot of where your energy is today and where it goes in stress. (valued at $350)
  • Ten private consulting (50 minute) sessions with me each month.  These sessions are designed to:
  • Clear the Clutter – discovering the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL issues that are holding you back.  Get a snapshot of where you are now and how you relate in all areas of your life, with executives, co-workers and family.  Recognizing that lasting change originates internally and then affects the external environment.
  • The Focus Effect – Focus on success.  What is your vision for your organization, career path and ultimately your personal goals and dreams to declare your new commitment to sustainable success in all areas.  See your results made real.
  • Refresh – using the Three C’s: Clarity, Communication and Connection process:  Get clear on how you communicate.  Learn what is your 3C style and how to maintain it during stress
  • Reframe and reinforce – Get the toolkit that develops an action plan to create consistently confident actions throughout all of your business ventures.
  • Declaration Monthly Accountability goals – Emailed to Wendy each month, declaring your goals for the month ahead. Monthly Accountability Tracking Form completed by you and personally reviewed by Wendy to keep you focused and on track.
  • Let’s start the process by taking the “Success Strategy” (SS link) for a snapshot to discover how you show up day to day.

Then contact me today (link) and lets begin the process of Guiding your Journey; Enhancing your Opportunities and then……

What you receive!!

Principal Power Package

What You Get! Elite Premier Prime
Stress Analyzer Tick Tick Tick
Customized REH Method Action Plan Tick Tick Tick
Coaching Sessions 10 6 2
Unlimited Email Support 6 months 3 months 1 month
VIP Session Tick Tick
Access to Self-Virtual Coaching Tick Tick


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