7 Essential Creating the Very Best You Strategies to discover the pathway to better relationships

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7 Essential C.V.B.Y. Strategies to Discover the Pathway to Better Relationships 

1.  Basic 101 use “I” not “You”.

This way you are not putting your partner on the “defense” right from the start.  Say “I felt confused when you said that to me” , NOT You made me feel this.  No one can make you feel any way!  Remember that.

2.  Active listening

When with your partner don’t multi-task.  Turn off cell phone, pay attention to what they are saying and actively participate in the conversation.  So often we are distracted and cell phones are the worst offenders!

3.  Tone of Voice

Be conscious of how you say something and the tone of voice in which it is being communicated.  Remember to say things with a smile and say them with love remembering that you are “CHOOSING LOVE” by communicating.

4.  Acknowledge

What your partner is saying.  Simply repeating back what they said helps make the other person feel heard.

5.  Validate

That their feelings are real and that they can feel that way.

6.  React vs Responding

How often do we simply react to what someone says or does.  Try not to react but respond.  Take a look at what might push your buttons and be aware of this when having a conversation with the one you love.

7.  The power of language

What we say is so important as how we say it.  Choosing words that are positive and encouraging.  Saying phrases like… “I am hopeful we can resolve this situation” instead of saying… “I don’t know what to do about this situation”….



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