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ELI - Energy Leadership Index

For women who are ready to achieve the balance that’s been so hard to find…

More Energy Means Less Stress

How To Use Your Hidden Sources Of Inner Energy To Burn Away Stress

Your life is clearly more fulfilling when you have lots of energy to draw on.

Abundant, overflowing energy that is physical, mental, and spiritual. You can have the best of intentions, but if you don’t have the genuine energy to turn your intentions into accomplishments, you’ll stay stuck. And you’ll never be able to get rid of stress without energy. My special assessment,

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI), gives you a simple way to measure your energy. When one of your energy reservoirs is low, you’ll know the exact steps to take to replenish it. And you’ll know how to actually channel your energy in a whole new way. A way that improves your attitude, so you can do a better job managing stress.

You’ll be able to focus your energy in a way that turns an incomplete life into one that is full of purpose, meaning, and joy.

Imagine everything you can do… and feel… when you unleash every one of your different sources of energy. You’ll be able to…

  • Melt away stress. Inner energy that is ignored, or underestimated, is like a huge savings account you never touch. Find out how to tap into this savings account to manage stress in a whole new way.
  • Regain control. Take charge. Use your hidden sources of energy to give you the ability to make smart decisions. Experience new power, and a refreshing sense of confidence.
  • Replace your fear of the unknown with a thirst for life. Life will always present us with unknowns. But this doesn’t mean you spend your days full of uncertainty and doubt. Armed with newfound energy, you’ll embrace change, deal better with disruptions, and take life in stride.

You can achieve all this – and more – when you know how to channel your energy.

What’s the best way to start?

Simply measure your energy. Take a special assessment that sheds important light on the energy you already have and the energy you’ll want to create more of.

An Entirely Different Kind Of Tool For Growth

Most assessments are designed to measure your personality.

The good personality assessments (like TTI TriMetrix, D.I.S.C., and Myers Briggs) are excellent ways to help you understand your behaviors and work styles.

They help you make adjustments to your behavior so you can maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses.

The ELI is entirely different. It has nothing to do with personality.

It’s designed to measure your attitude.

Because your attitude is the way you see the world and react to what it throws at you, it is something you can control.

It’s your attitude that determines how you define stress and how you deal with stress.

The ELI assessment I use actually measures your energy. It links different sources of energy to your attitude, and gives me a way to help you bring 5 valuable improvements to your life.

Working together with the results of your ELI, we won’t just reduce your stress. We can…

  • Adjust and improve your attitude.
  • Transform your perspective.
  • Shift your consciousness.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Boost your overall effectiveness.

The Dangers Of Ignoring Your Energy

Please don’t make the tragic mistake of thinking about your energy from too narrow a perspective. (It’s this kind of limiting belief that cripples your personal growth.) Energy goes well beyond how you feel when you wake up in the morning, and how you make it through the day.

Energy is mental and spiritual, not just physical. Energy is ultimately what drives everything you do. (And everything you don’t do.) When you have a proven way to measure your energy to understand where it’s strong and where it’s weak, you’re in a great position to make positive changes. You’ll know exactly what to do. And you’re in a better position than ever to fight back against stress.

In fact…

You get to the point where without even giving it much thought, you are channeling your energies to prevent stress.

And it all begins with my ELI Assessment.

Stop Draining Your Energy Without even Knowing It

Your ELI Assessment is only $xxx. You’ll get the complete ELI, a fascinating online exercise. After you’ve completed it, you’ll get your own personal digital assessment report. Then, you and I will comb through this illuminating report together.

I’ll give you a private coaching session where your questions are answered, and we identify your best next steps for putting these valuable insights to work.

If You’re Dealing With Too Much Stress…

… please don’t look for the answers in prescription drugs.

You already have the energy you need. All you need to do is identify it, measure it, and channel it.

Your ELI lets you do all this, and more.

Please make this important investment now. Do not let the damages of stress continue to pile up. Do not risk allowing stress to seep into areas of your life where it can do even more harm.

Get the answers you need, take the action you need, and please do not delay.

Get this important tool right now while it’s fresh on your mind.

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