Cancer Survivorship Coaching

WendyWendy Robinson is a Certified Professional Coach, COR.E Well-being Dynamics Specialist, and survivorship coach who helps cancer survivors and their families create greater well-being while navigating the challenges of cancer.

With over 18 years of experience working in private cancer facilities with patients, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies, Wendy is well versed in utilizing a wide range of resources to alleviate the stress for patients and their families caused by the financial burden.

Are you newly diagnosed or a survivor expert? Wherever you are in your cancer survivorship journey there are some powerful tools and resources that can assist you along the way. What’s missing from your treatment plan is how to navigate the stress of juggling treatment, family, friends and career.

COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics is a highly comprehensive process for creating wellbeing and sustainable behavior change. This program includes concepts, exercises, and experiences to help reduce stress, increase energy, and improve overall wellbeing. It is a foundational system for living. COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics provides a roadmap to mastering your energy and your life; with that roadmap, you can create wellbeing through the choices you make from moment to moment. Its time to move beyond overwhelm that and take control again. Feel like you have a plan again and can feel peace and embrace your situation to move forward.

Here are the Top 10 Most Common Well being challenges

  1. Stress
  2. Low levels of physical energy or fatigue
  3. Lack of confidence
  4. Lack of accountability
  5. Loss of true enjoyment
  6. Lack of cohesive, reasonable, and comprehensive plan for the fear of the unknown.
  7. Self-sabotage
  8. Trouble dealing with distractions
  9. Inability to set and reach both short and long term goals
  10. Difficulty in getting motivated to eat right, exercise, and do whatever is needed for well-being

What You Can Expect From This Program

You’ll develop a life philosophy and “way of being,” based on 10 disciplines, that lead to high energy, potential, and wellbeing. Be it in physical wellness, relationships, career, emotional wellbeing, while living with a chronic illness or health challenge, or in life in general, the disciplines are a foundation for living that create a powerful state of awareness and a positive attitude. This keeps you engaged in what you are doing, and brings you a continual level of enjoyment and satisfaction, along with the key ingredients for living your best life possible.

Coaching offers an unique way to navigate these challenges. The vast majority of people are simply unaware of why things go well for them one day and not the next.   It’s being aware of your energy that is constantly changing.

These ups and downs often create frustration over sometimes being able to show up and be part of life and other times feeling unable to get out of bed. Let’s start with creating a plan designed for you. Are you looking for “something” to help you, some magic pill to pull you out of the feeling that you are Stuck in this diagnosis. That it defines you?

It’s important to get a foundation for where and how your energy shows up. By utilizing the Energy Leadership Assessment (Stress Analyzer) we can show you how your energy shows up each day and when you are under stress or not.

To maintain consistency and sustainable behavior changes, both the long term and short energies need to be managed properly. Let’s find out what Life after cancer means to you.


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