Enjoy the Process….I keep hearing this but didn’t understand it as much until today.

I have a weekly call with my brother Rus D. and a friend Tommy T. and we talk about our week and what struggles we might be going through and what JOY’s we are experiencing. It is a great little “support” call I look forward to.

Today Rus was telling me how good he felt. He was enjoying watching everything that had been put in place so far in his life unfold. AND how at peace he was with that. WHAT A CONCEPT! He has been watching things unfold and change in his life with “observance” not “reaction”. Now that is where I want to be.

It was a great reminder that eventhough the process is uncomfortable at times, I AM WHERE I AM supposed to be right now and be grateful!

I look at the experience of being broken up on New Year’s Eve…. Not ideal, but I am VERY grateful for all the learning and just “feeling” I have been able to experience. Heal Hearts, especially yours.

I am at Peace. God bless.

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