WOW…. there is such clear thinking to be done when you are at the top of a mountain, watching the sunrise. It is peaceful, listening to the sounds of nature. Is it true that the view from above is better? Clearer? More perspective? Yes I think so. When we can stop and again see everything for what it is…. clearly… growth and opportunity.

It seems to me that I should in this setting see my situation “life after breakup” with non judgmental eyes, but low and behold for a few moments in time again I didn’t. A rush of sadness welled up in me. But in this peaceful setting I was able to breath through it and get the clarity needed to move on and feel peace again.

How do I shake that feeling at the bottom of the mountain….

STOP when those feelings well up. It can be feelings of loss or even stress….

Pick a spot at your desk or where you are and stare at it for a few seconds. Do the long stare where your eyes seem to “glaze over” then tune into your breathing….. picture and feel like you are unlocking the energy and take three deep breaths from the belly.

Then ask for assistance to let this go for now send it to the Universe. ask spirit to take it from you NOW. Then pray or send love to someone else. Transfer the love energy to them.say to yourself… and of course, say Thank you.


  • I got quiet long stare …
  • began breathing deeply three times,
  • ASK for assistance now and the feeling to be sent from you..
  • Send love to another
  • Say Thank you.

I let the emotions I was feeling wash over me….. completely. I rode the wave of emotions and then felt released.

God Bless

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